Potential human resource is being utilized in a democratic and educated society within a stable eco-system based on economic and racial equipoise, social justice and health conscious backdrop.


Community Engagement & Development CSR Programme of KPCL

Objective: Reduction of community grievances through community development CSR methodologies, where the community engagement effort will work together to solve identified social problems, reducing poverty through skill development and deployment.

Sundarban Conservation through Eco-tourism

The “Sundarban Conservation and Poverty Reduction through Eco-tourism” is an embedded life time programme of PARIBARTAN-Khulna, which has an unique goal and objectives. So, for implementing the “Conservation through Eco-tourism” project we took it as an wing of our original programme and incorporated the project with our actual approaches, goal and objectives.

People’s Empowerment for Addressing Climate Justice & Environmental Justice

Objective: PEACE Project has aimed to strengthening the community driven adaptation capacity on climate change impacts and developing a sustainable basement for reducing vulnerability of coastal community.

"Our Mission: Strengthening the underprivileged community with the tools needed to deal with the existing predicaments for mainstreaming."